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I’m not going to make this a long post today.  I already spent most of it writing up a post on my “geek” blog; the T.A.R.D.I.S. Server Project about a perl script I put together to fix a problem with my tunes.  However, that blog post did relate to running and riding since it did involve my music on my Android smart phone and how long it’s taken to get everything moved away from iTunes.  Even as I sit writing this post, I am still working on downloading the converted songs from my Amazon Cloud Player so I can have all my old songs back for running.

Last Saturday, May 19th, I made my fourth run of the Head for the Hills Rally in Cedar Hill, Tx.  I was hoping for two good things.  First, don’t get lost on your own this year.  Last year, I missed a turn and ended up in Mansfield.  It’s not on the route, no.  That day, I got almost all my 60 miles in without every crossing the finish line.  I had sweetie pick me up in Midlothian after I managed to get back that far.  Second, I was hoping for a good ride for my upgraded Fuji to see how it might do for the Hotter-n-Hell ride this year.  It did well, after I spent about 10 miles with a frustrating-ly loose crank bolt.  My left crank bolt kept coming loose and wouldn’t you know that Campagnolo doesn’t use metric and doesn’t use a common English bolt either.

I had first thought it was a loose cleat, which wouldn’t have been good news either.  I pulled over when I saw the B&B Cycles van to see if I could get help.  I had put the bolt back somewhat tight with my screwdriver on my Swiss Army knife.  This was the first ride I ran with my Victorinox in the bag and I am glad I did.  The mechanic didn’t have any English allen wrenches so I was going to have to look for a garage or hardware store on the way.

About this point, we see the whole peloton coming back at us complaining about being on the wrong route.  It appears that one of the police officers had set up the turn underneath US67 the wrong way and led us back to town instead of out.  It turned a 64 mile ride into 69 miles for me.  But, at least “I” didn’t get lost this year.

Once back on the road, I had to stop several more times to re-tighten the bolt.  I finally spotted a guy out in his large garage at this house.  I turned around to see if I could borrow a wrench.  Anyone with that large of a garage and a truck that says, “Daves Appliance Repair” on the side has got to have what I need.  He did.  I gronched on the bolt as tight as I could and thanked  him for being there.  Then I got back into catchup mode.

I wasn’t trying to catch up with anyone.  I just knew I was behind my pace.  The Fuji certainly got a workout and so did I.  The rest of the ride was uneventful except for some light rain about 30 miles out.  Everyone I saw coming back had a mud strip on the back of their jersey, just like me.  What fenders!  We don’ need no stinkin’ fenders!

My catchup work had done well.  However, it cost me in the last 15 miles or so.  I had lost much of the gained time when I didn’t have enough left to hold up the pace.  However, I still came in at just under five and half hours for a 69 mile ride.  Not too bad.  But, the Fuji is now awaiting new brakes.

After braking problems with this ride and others, my old Dia-Compe brakes are just not going to last.  It takes way too much pressure on the handles to get a good stop.  I have great pads, but the Dia-Compe’s just aren’t strong enough.  New Tektro R559’s are on their way as we speak.

In two weeks, I’ll ride one that I haven’t been at yet.  It’s the Tour DePepper ride in Dublin, Tx.  I got an e-mail on it this week and it looks good.  In addition, it’s a ride that has something for sweetie to do while I am out.  It’s during Dublin Days and there will be lots going on for her to see as well.

One final note: I also received an e-mail this week that the Dallas White Rock Marathon will become the Dallas Marathon this year.  Who knew that when I ran my first marathon it would be the last White Rock.  So, I am definitely signing up for this year’s FIRST Dallas Marathon.  Then I’ll have that whole first-last-first thing worked out.

Well, I did say I’d keep it short.  But, that didn’t seem to happen either.  Summer is here in North Texas.  Look for the temps to go up along with our minutes per mile paces.  Fortunately, that’s not a problem on the bike.  Happy cycling folks..or running!

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