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I am a pretty loyal Asics fan.  And, I am a pretty loyal fan of Luke’s Locker.  I got to find out why I am a fan of both of these companies this past week when my brand new pair of Asics gel-Nimbus 14’s developed a problem.

Almost on the last day of September, we stopped at Luke’s Locker in Dallas to get my next pair of gel-Nimbus running shoes.  Based on the recommendation of a friend, I went to Luke’s Locker to get my first pair of real, well-fitted, running shoes a few years ago.  Carlton was the salesperson there that measured me up and put me in a pair of gel-Nimbus 10’s at the time.  Though I’ve tried a couple others, nothing works like the Nimbus.  But like all running shoes, they must be replaced, thus my trip again to Luke’s Locker.

I phoned ahead to make sure they had my size and in a pouring rain and traffic from an SMUTCU football game, we made it in and out to get my new pair.  Though this isn’t a story about shoe tech, I wear the gel-Nimbus because they fit my neutral foot and have just about the most cushion one can want in a running shoe.  For a clydesdale runner, they work well, in my own opinion.  My other distinct feature is a very wide foot, hence why I call ahead before going.  They don’t carry many 4E shoes.

I took my new pair of Asics home, broke them in, and wore them for only a week’s worth of runs.  Last Tuesday evening, while taking them off, I noticed part of the ‘A’ on the side was coming loose.  I had room to stick a finger between the strapping and the mesh.  Bummer.  Defective shoe.

The real problem with dealing with replacing a pair of my running shoes is the travel time.  I only stopped at the Dallas Luke’s Locker because we were going right by it, but none of the others are close either.  On a side note, it’s a real problem with my town.  No bike shops and no running stores.  I even have to travel all the way to the north end of town (and that’s quite a way too) even to find a regular sporting goods store, which is no help really.  How would I handle this situation?

I know!  I would leverage the world of social media!  I took a pic of me sticking my finger in the hole in my shoe and posted it for Asics and Luke’s on Twitter.  And, it worked.  Luke’s Locker’s Twitter person got back with me quickly and set me up to receive a call from the Dallas store manager the next day.

Not only did the store manager call, he called early the next morning.  We talked briefly with me wondering just when I would get round to going all the way to Dallas to trade the shoes.  However, the manager just asked me which was the closest store and when I said the Colleyville Luke’s Locker, he set up for me to trade my shoes there instead of having to go to Dallas.  A day or so later, I got a call from the Colleyville manager to find out what my plans were.  I told him I was going to come to his store the next afternoon.  He had the right size gel-Nimbus set up for me and the store associates took care of the trade off just fine.

Now, it’s not really bad that my shoes were defective.  The law of averages says I will eventually run across a pair, and these were my 5th pair.  The really good part of this story is that the folks at Luke’s really take their business seriously and made a great and successful attempt to minimize my frustration with having to trade out the shoes.  Both store managers (and the Twitter guy) were prompt and professional.  I didn’t have to get flustered not even a little bit.  We even managed to make the trip to Colleyville (which is still a good distance away) useful by getting lunch at McAlester’s along with the shoes.  There just aren’t many McAlester’s around.

Therefore, I will always return to Luke’s Locker for my running shoes and I will continue to be loyal to my Asics gel-Nimbus.  Additionally, I have found that Twitter is more useful than I originally thought.  Social media has a purpose.  All my followers on Twitter hopefully got to see that Luke’s is a good business as well.  This post may be a little sappy, but I find that good customer service in any business is so difficult to locate these days that I am kind of beside myself when I find people that really know what it means.  Happy running, ya’ll!

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Yep, it’s that time again — randomness.  A day when writing is just a collection of what’s going on rather than any coherent topic.  It also means I have lapsed too much time between posts.

On the triathlete front, I have started some ride/run bricks on Saturdays.  Or should I say run/ride since the heat is just getting too intense to run at 10:30 AM even.  They didn’t start on purpose, but I added a run one Saturday when I couldn’t get in a 50-mile ride and it not only stuck but allowed me to get back to 20-mile weeks in running.

Which segues nicely to running.  I have almost finished a six week stint at 20 miles per week.  Just two more short runs tomorrow and Saturday.  That’s pretty significant since I haven’t been able to consistently get over 20 miles a week.  Also, I have been able to run five days a week without any real problems.

While I’m talking running, I signed up for Mizuno’s Mezamashii Run Project.  It seems that Mizuno is proud enough of how well runners will do in their shoes that they are giving out shoes to lots of runners (through a weekly drawing).  Ostensibly, it’s to get runners connected with Mizuno’s philosophy on running, and also to sell more shoes.

Now, I am perfectly happy with my ASICS gel-Nimbus, but it’s important to have a second option.  Single sourcing anything is not a good idea.  Case in point that I had to wear a lesser brand last Winter as I wasn’t able to get a pair of Nimbus.  I thought that the gel-Cumulus would be almost as good and they were serviceable.  However, they kind of hardened up quicker than I’d liked.  So, we’ll wait to see if I get picked or not.

Also on running, I thought I’d add in a couple of tips this post.  I have been plagued a bit by catching my foot on uneven ground when running lately.  I’ve noticed that this often happens when I run over a rough spot where the ground is higher under one foot than the other.  Watch out for these little changes in elevation and go around.  If not, you might fall.  Also, if you have to run a lot of sidewalks, it’s better on driveway approaches to run up near the driveway side of the approach.  This is the side closer to the house/building than to the street.  Running this way keeps you almost on the same level with the sidewalk and you can avoid some of that up and down and slanted running you get from the angled driveway approach.

Hotter-n-Hell Hundred will be here in a few weeks.  I am looking forward to that ride this year.  I will try to finish the 100-mile route again and this year, it’s a new route.  Usually, all the routes less than 100-miles go through Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, but the century riders didn’t.  I have heard that the AFB rest stop is a real highlight and a thrill to the riders.  This year, the organizers altered the 100-mile route so that we will all get to go through the AFB rest stop.

Yep, that was cycling again, but I said it was random.

I will also start marathon training right after HHH in preparation for the first Dallas Marathon.  OK, it’s still really the White Rock, but they changed the name.  It also has a new route for this year and we’ll get to cross the new bridge over the Trinity River a la NYC’s Verazzano bridge.

Random is just that — random.  However, I have been having a really good time since I put together this new schedule in June.  I am getting to run more and with better quality than before.  I am riding consistently on Saturdays and not having to worry about whether or not I’m getting enough long runs or long rides.  I put my long runs on Wednesdays and stuck them at 8-miles, which is the longest I’ve run on a mid-week run since I started.  Though it’s hot outside (and here, I do mean HOT) I am happy with where I’m at right now.  I certainly hope that your Summer is going just as smoothly and consistent.  Happy running/cycling!

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Week 9 of White Rock Marathon training is now in the bag.  I did my long run today which was originally supposed to be 14 miles, but was changed to 15 miles (more on that in a minute).  I can officially say that it was the longest I have ever run.  In three years, my longest runs were my half-marathons (13.1 miles).  Today, in a training run, I ran a half-marathon and then some.  Go figure. (more…)

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